The Designer:

James LoseeJames Losee is a Marshall University Graduate and has been in the building industry for over 19 years.  He has an extensive background in Structural Steel, Engineered Lumber, and Trusses.  James has worked under the design leadership of John Cannon Homes during which time he has developed the necessary skills to help you with all of your design and drafting needs.



Jonathan DrymonJonathan Drymon is currently attending University of South Florida, majoring in Architecture, and has been in the building industry for over 15 years. He has completed a 2-year Architectural Drafting Program, and has been drafting for over 5 years. He also has a background working with a CADD program known as SolidWorks. He has an extensive background in Engineered Lumber and Trusses. Jonathan has worked under Engineers in the Structural and Mechanical field as a draftsman.

Homebuilder Clients:

B.W. Saba, Inc * * 941.955.7632
Beach To Bay Investments * 941.778.8660
Kevin R. Hutchison, Inc. * 941.920.8449
Steel Products Inc. * 941.351.8128
Vizions Construction * * 941.302.3737


Client Comments:

"James, my wife and I were very pleased with your work on putting our plans together from start to finish. You were very timely in starting our project and taking it to completion which we needed to keep our process moving along in time for deadlines.

Also, your attention to detail really saved us when you caught two major mistakes from our last designer. He didn't have a roof over the front porch and the interior, kitchen wall would have been a major eye sore if you hadn't caught that.

Lastly, we were very impressed with your perspective drawing to show how our interior beamwork was going fit in. It helped us to really see how it was going to look before we went with it.

Thanks for your professional work and attention to detail. We would recommend your services to others in need of home drawings."

- Daryl & Doris Schmucker